Thermodynamic Hot Water Systems

Thermodynamic Hot Water Systems

A Thermodynamic Solar Assisted Heat Pump can be best described as 'A Fridge in reverse'. By using an aluminium collector (panel) to absorb heat rather than reject heat, Thermodynamic Hot Water Systems allow us to utilise the ambient air temperature (day and night in all weather conditions) to change the refrigerant liquid circulating through the aluminium collector (panel) from a liquid to a gas form. This changing of state of the refrigerant allows us to capture energy. The returning refrigerant now in gas form is then compressed and passed through the heat exchanger within either a Retrofitted Thermodynamic Solar Assisted Heat Pump (SAHP), or through an Integrated Cylinder Thermodynamic SAHP.

Our partnership with Magic Box International ensures we are able to offer a full range of water heating products use the latest cutting edge technology to provide renewable energy for your home or business. With thermodynamic panels and a Solar Assisted Heat Pump (SAHP), both their Little Magic Thermodynamic Box and Big Magic Thermodynamic Box are a great choice for your domestic water heating.


Case Studies


Grand Designs | Channel 4

2014 saw Magic Box International appear on Channel 4’s Grand Designs TV program. We were initially approached by Gregory Kewish, a Californian architect based in Cornwall looking to build his family’s dream home. He explained to the team his vision to build a Passive House using the LMTB as a stand alone water heater to generate all of his family’s hot water needs. During this time the project sparked interest from Channel 4.

Over the course of the installation the team spent time with the Grand Designs production company and Kevin McCloud who also featured the technology as his “Green Hero of the month” in his TV Show’s monthly magazine.

The installation was recently featured again in the Grand Designs Revisited show.


Feature Install | Zed Factory

Since achieving the MCS standard Magic Box International have been in discussion with a number of sustainable home architects and builders. Earlier this year the company started working with The Zed Factory and at the beginning of March the LMTB IV was installed in one of their projects entitled Zero Bills home. This partnership sees the latest version LMTB installed in a series of houses across a number of developments enabling the stand alone generation of hot water. The Zero Bills Homes are a series of prefabricated zero carbon buildings that are seeking to deliver Zero Utility Bill living - a new generation of smart affordable living.

The Zero Bills home concept really does tie in with the ethos of the LMTB IV and something that the Magic Box International is excited to be involved with.


Feature Install | Starbucks

2016 saw our manufacturer, Magic Box International introduce the MCS approved LMTB IV into a franchise Starbucks coffee shop. Seeing Starbucks embrace this hot water renewable energy product as a business ambassador and setting such an example to its coffee drinkers is fantastic news and really does show how powerful the latest little box is!

The new software within the LMTB IV ensures that the water storage cylinder is heated up when the demand is most needed.


Magic Box International

For more information about Magic Box International and the incredible products they have developed, including the Little Magic Thermodynamic Box III, Little Magic Thermodynamic Box IV and the Big Magic Thermodynamic Box, please click here.

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