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The idea of self-sufficiency is really quite exciting and is actually achievable these days with out new and improved technology.

We have a 5-scale solution to self-sufficiency which enabled people to a build a system over time and gives a clear path to develop this into full self-sufficiency. With all the products we use, we have gone for the best quality and the most eco-friendly, even the generator and its fuel is eco-friendly.

1. Solar Panels and Battery

The bedrock of a self-sufficient system is free electricity, and the best way to do this is with solar panels because they have such a long life span, and require little maintenance unlike wind power etc. Along with this, you will need a bank of batteries which will be able to supply electricity long after the sun has gone down.
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2. Insulation

Insulation is utterly vital to any home, but baring in mind that it can save up to 40% of your heating bill. When trying to be self-sufficient, it is a no-brainer to absolutely insulate everything.
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3. Thermo-Dynamic

Raising the temperature of cold water can be very expensive and is in face the most expensive thing we do with our utilities, so to have an effective an Hot water heating system is a necessity. The new Thermo-Dynamic system works day and night, and provides a full tank of hot water at 55°C or 131°F. With a normal household on the grid costs £80 a year for a family of four, but if you have a solar powered heater, this cost is wiped out. For a self-sufficient home, the system is invaluable.
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4. Air to Air

This is a heating system which is very cheap to run and literally for every pound put into it, you get four pounds back in heat. So very cost effective again if you have solar panels they will run it free of charge. So for self-sufficiency this system is ideal as not only does it head, =but it also cools. Cleaning the air up to 70% and removing allergens like pollen, dust, and mould.
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5. Generator and Fuel

To be totally self-sufficient you will need all of the above plus an eco-friendly generator the size of which will depend on how much back up you required for your systems. There is also an eco-friendly fuel that can be sourced and is very non-polluting certainly when you compare it to diesel.

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