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Why Renewable Energy is Important

Obviously we are all aware that global warming and the disturbance of our weather is directly caused by burning fossil fuels.

So clearly it makes sense that by doing our bit we can only help our environment. Each piece of equipment that we install helps reduce the quantity of carbon we put out into the atmosphere. Every ounce of carbon we save helps make our homes more environmentally friendly, making our families carbon footprint shrink. This helps us all in the long run not just to help the environment but also to help us save money and make our bills shrink as well.

Solar Panels and Battery Storage

Solar Panels are the bedrock of making your home more eco-friendly. These days the technology is so good it will even work in cloudy weather. Plus they can be installed within 30 degrees of north so this means that almost any house can now be fitted with Solar Panels. We believe in using the best quality panel as we believe that they will be on your house for many years and so it is an investment worth making. To have a full 4khw system you need about 20 square meters of space on your roof or enough land for a ground mounted system. We always install batteries with Solar panels as the price has dropped and the efficiency and longevity has skyrocketed. Unfortunately the feed in tariff has dropped down to pennies but as an investment in the future it still makes sense.

Thermodynamic Hot Water

This system is incredibly efficient, It will use about £80 per year of electricity a year to run all of your hot water requirements. Using a thermal panel which can go on any direction of wall or roof and this collects heat directly from the atmosphere. Transferring it round to the Box where it goes through a compressor and heat exchanger and then puts hot water into a cylinder at 55°C. If you don't have a cylinder one can be installed and if you already have one it can be retrofitted to that. It was designed and is made in Essex. It far out ranks solar thermal which only works in daylight. This system will work day and night giving you permanent hot water.

Kevin Cloud from grand designs liked this product very much and it has so far been featured 3 times on that show.

Air 2 Air

This is a blown air heating system that is extremely energy efficient in the electricity it uses. The air source heat pump has a CoP of 1:4 which basically means that for every 1kW of electricity used it will produce 4kW worth of heating. It also regulates room temperatures allowing your whole environment to be kept at comfortable temperature whilst it cleans the air by around 70% and also dehumidifies while it works. It removes dust, mould and other allergens leaving you with a feeling of clean warm fresh air. The system can also run as an air conditioning system in the supper so on hot days you can keep cool.


The Vortex is another British invention designed and made in Britain. This removes the air from any wet heating system so that when it comes to heat the water it heats only water and not water filled with air which is how most central heating systems operate. The Vortex is cheap and easy to install. It comes with a life time warranty and promises to reduce your fuel bill no less than 10% and up to a possible whopping 35%. The % saved can only be calculated once it is installed. Then it will keep on at the original % rate.

Electric Car Charging Point

We believe that in a few years we will all be driving Electric cars and so installing one of these points in your home will get you ready for this time. Millions of us will need them and so if you are doing any other work with us it is worth asking about.

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