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We started our company in the summer of 2017. We came together as a Business Partnership because as friends and business colleagues we discovered we had the same ideas to create a company that truly served people. Offering the best quality products at the best prices and never compromising on quality or service. We insist that all those we Employ also work from the same moral compass to create a Firm which will uphold the best of British. As a truly independent company we can offer our customers a vast selection of bespoke products so that you can always have the best solution for your needs.

Thank you for visiting our website today. We have put a lot of effort in to trying to show you what our company does and how we might be able to help you. So we hope that you will like the result. When you have finished we would love to hear from you with any ideas for improvements or comments you would like to share. Thanks for coming to see us we look forward to meeting you soon.

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Insulation Solutions

At Adorn Home Solutions we believe that proper insulation is essential for every home. The savings that can be made when we upgrade our old insulation to a new spray foam in between the rafters can be as much as 45%. This is using the eco friendly product called Icynene. That means up to a 45% saving on your heating bill. This Loft insulation is very clever, it keeps in the heat, allows the damp to leave the building and keeps you cool in the summer.

learn more Kitchens from Adorn Home Solutions

Energy Solutions

Every ounce of carbon that we can stop using will help our environment to become cleaner and nearer to the pristine environment we all need for us to thrive.

Fortunately by doing this we also save ourselves money and make our homes more energy efficient and more comfortable. So by installing Energy efficient products gives us a win win situation. We use the best grade of products we can find. We sell Solar Panels, Batteries, Thermodynamic Hot Water Systems, Air to Air Heating Systems and we can even make you completely Self Sufficient.

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“To make beautiful or more attractive”

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Why Choose Us?

We hope that having read through our website that you will feel inspired to contact us. Knowing that we will have your best interests at heart.

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